Artic Solar Thermal Solutions – The Future of Industrial Solar

Artic Solar Thermal Solutions – The Future of Industrial Solar

Are you stuck in a competitive rut and thinking about expanding your product line to increase your offerings and profitability?

Artic Solar offers profitable solar thermal solutions for the commercial and industrial markets using boilers to make steam or hot water.

Through our research we have become aware that the majority of boilers installed and operating in the US are outdated and have reached their life expectancy. This brings a great opportunity for boiler companies to increase efficiency while also decreasing emissions.  

We manufacture the XCPC concentrating collector in Jacksonville, FL.  Artic Solar is the exclusive supplier of this patented technology which is SRCC certified allowing our systems to be eligible for the federal and state tax incentives. It’s truly a game changer to be able to offer an economical solution to commercial and industrial clients for Industrial Process Heat.

We are not looking to replace your boiler sales, we simply want to improve their efficiency and save your customers fuel costs by injecting heat into the existing system before the traditional fuel source is needed.  Add value to your clients purchase by having a green solution that has a 1 – 8 year payback depending on location and application.

Our technology is patented and SRCC approved.



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