Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Artic Solar’s KING collector technology may be used to provide the heat for Single or Double Effect Lithium Bromide absorption chillers or Ammonia/Water chillers for air-conditioning or refrigeration. Many of these solar cooling systems use natural gas as the back-up for a 24/7 operation. The low cost for natural gas makes solar cooling and refrigeration systems very cost effective with significant electricity savings and Demand Charge reductions.


Dehumidification using a desiccant wheel or liquid desiccant dehumidifier uses the high temperature heat from the KING solar array to dry out the moisture collected from the humid air stream. A simple and cost effective method to reduce indoor humidity for buildings, hospitals and agricultural hydroponic or aquaponics operations.

Many options are available for solar cooling ranging from complete switch out of electric chillers to injecting a specific tonnage of solar air-conditioning into buildings with larger loads. The injected solar chilled water reduces the run time of electric chillers saving electricity and reducing demand or time of use rates during the daylight hours when electricity costs are typically higher.

Solar Thermal On Refrigerant
Loops In Vapor Compressor Systems

The integration of solar thermal into refrigerant loops is done by adding a heat exchanger to the refrigerant line and using solar thermal to heat the refrigerant prior to the condenser which significantly reduces the load on the compressor and keeps it running at a lower speed using less energy to accomplish cooling.

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You can convert existing older compressors with a VFD which isn’t expensive and very competitive today and adding solar thermal to expand the life of existing equipment and significantly reduce energy consumption.

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Artic Solar is HEATING UP the Cooling Process

The SolarPolar chiller to provide air conditioning, refrigeration, freezing and/or ice production. Artic Solar’s KING powers the absorption refrigeration system to make cooling modules which may be mounted on a roof (flat or pitched) or the wall of a building, or even in the open air. The systems are scalable to meet the required cooling or refrigeration load.
Installation is extremely simple and safe since there are no electrical, or water connections to be made. And there are no moving parts on the collector array or the chiller which makes O&M costs insignificant. Learn more about SolarPolar Chillers at


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We Make Solar COOL!


– Stand alone or inject chilled water into larger loads
– Utilizes renewable energy to offset fossil fuels by 25% – 40%
– 30% federal tax credit for all components, materials and installation labor*
– Additional federal, state, local and utility grants/incentives are available *
– Non-tracking design reduces O&M costs
– Optics allows for use of both direct and indirect sunlight

Using our patented technology, industries as diverse as manufacturing, food processing (e.g., meat, dairy, processed food and beverages), municipal waste water treatment and oil & gas extraction will be able to shift peak load off the grid and reduce fuel consumption up to 70%.

Energy Research User Handbook

Savings & Green House Gas Reductions

Example: 100KW System (100 KING’s)

Natural Gas = 14,800 therms saved /yr
174,000 lbs. of CO2 and 220 lbs. Nox

Electric = 300,000kWh saved per year
410,000 of CO2 and 1,498 lbs. Nox


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