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Desalination Association Report: Technical Review and the Economics of Water Desalinization 2013

2.Cleaning Water with the Sun

Solar Thermal Clean Water Technologies
Distillation, Evaporation & Pasteurization

This $18 billion (worldwide) market is growing at a rate of 55% annually, yet much of the industry is exclusively dependent on natural gas. Artic Solar KING technology allows large desalination operations to drastically lower their expenses on natural gas and other fuel sources.

Water is a Global Problem

  • Rain water cannot be used in food production due to pathogens collected off the roof.
  • 1 in 10 People globally do not have access to clean water.
    800 children die every day from disease related to dirty water.
  • A newborn dies every minute as a result of the lack of clean water and an unclean environment.
  • 42% of Health Care facilities & 31% of schools in Africa do not have safe water.

Artic Solar is making a difference with Solar Thermal Pasteurization and Distillation systems.


Solar Thermal generated by the KING collector at 200oF will kill all the pathogens in dirty or unsafe water. Cleaning rain water for human or agricultural use. Filtered water to remove solids and Pasteurization can be applied to food crops and human consumption safely.


The boiling and evaporation of dirty water will produce clean vapor that can be condensed back to water and provide clean and safe water for Hospitals and Health Care Facilities or evaporation and disposal of waste water.

Cleaning Water With The Power Of The Sun

Artic Solar’s ultra-high efficiency KING with natural gas backup provides the lowest cost of energy available today. Our technology also offers a substantial reduction in green house gas emissions (see chart below).

Our advanced optics combined with a heat pump deliver a proven 49% reduction in thermal energy usage in a multi-effect distiller (MED) desalination system.*

Unlike standard solar systems, the KING collects both direct and indirect sunlight, allowing for usage across the globe. No moving parts and a dust-repellent coating mean minimal O&M costs. Our low-profile roof-mounted systems blend into any environment.

* Pilot Demonstration of Concentrated Solar-powered Desalination, Stuber, et al. in Desalinization 2015

Energy Research User Handbook

Benefits of Using Our
Advanced Solar Technology


  • Extends system life
  • Lowest levelized cost of energy of any solar technology
  • Distillation or Evaporation
  • 53% efficient for temperatures up to 400oF
  • 30% federal tax credit including all components materials and installation labor (USA)
  • Grants & incentives available in some areas
  • Non-tracking lowers O&M costs
  • Optics allows for use of both direct and indirect sunlight

Complete project design, engineering services & financing available.

Energy Research User Handbook

Savings & Green House
Gas Reductions

Example: 100KW System (100 KING’s)

Natural Gas = 14,800 therms saved /yr
174,000 lbs. of CO2 and 220 lbs. Nox

 Electric = 300,000kWh saved per year
410,000 of CO2 and 1,498 lbs. Nox


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