We Create process heat and Steam With Solar Thermal Energy

The XCPC pairs a custom evacuated tube solar collector with an external non-imaging reflector in a non-tracking, roof or ground mountable system. This combination enables the XCPC East/West design to cost effectively achieve temperatures in excess of 200°C at 50% – 60% efficiency – which current market incumbents cannot attain without tracking.

Efficiency is defined here as the percentage of solar energy hitting the collector aperture that is converted to useful heat energy. Flat plate and other evacuated tube collectors exhibit good efficiency characteristics at lower temperatures but heat losses mean that their efficiencies fall off rapidly at higher temperatures (~80°-100°C).

XCPC Technology For Commercial Applications

The vacuum tube is not simply mated ad-hoc to a reflector; rather the concentrator and collector have been specially tuned to ensure maximum usage of available solar energy. The collector has an exceedingly wide angle of acceptance – maintaining peak energy generation even when the light strikes it at a wide angle.

The concentration ratio is 1.4 meaning the absorber receives an additional 40% of the suns energy allowing the collector to achieve high temperatures. The custom collector maximizes heat collection and along with its integrated fluid channels reduces component materials and costs. The XCPC has been under development for over 15-years with continuous improvements and is currently being deployed in the commercial and industrial markets globally

Never before have low cost solar collectors been capable of steam generation. Therefore, many commercial and industrial applications have not been economically viable.

Efficiency In Design

Existing solar technology is incapable of delivering cost effective high temperatures required for many commercial applications. The XCPC collector fills a huge gap in Commercial and Industrial applications. Our advanced technology allows facilities to offset fossil fuel expenses and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Save money and create positive contributions to the environment with Artic Solar’s XCPC technology.

The Artic Solar Advantage

Perhaps the greatest advantage of the patented NICC over competing high temperature solar thermal technologies (trough and linear Fresnel) that can achieve 120° Celsius and higher temperatures is the XCPC collector design. The other technologies are high profile (up to 50ft), have tracking mechanisms that require significant maintenance and thus require large collector areas to be effective, and more importantly, other concentrating technologies present an open source of ignition if the HFT leaks. Aesthetics are also a concern – the NICC can be configured to be extremely low profile – unusual for linear Fresnel and trough systems.

This Is Just The Beginning.


Each XCPC power rating is 1.235 KW at 200° C providing solutions for a multi- billion dollar solar thermal potential for high temperature Process Heat Applications such as pasteurization, cooking, sterilization, waste treatment, incineration, metals preheating, drying, dehumidification, glass melting, food processing, distillation, evaporation, clean water, mining and extraction processes for the oil and gas industry.


The XCPC has been under development for over 9-years and is currently at the “real world” commercial product stage.

XCPC Technology For Commercial Applications

Never before have solar collectors been capable of steam generation. Therefore, many commercial and industrial applications have not been economically viable.

Problems included: the excessive collector area required for the project and the cost of the solar array to fit a budget are all eliminated with the Artic Solar XCPC. Artic Solar’s technology allows these advanced solar collectors to be installed with smaller solar fields and these cost effective collectors quickly create a positive return on investment. Significantly shortening the time to positive ROI than the current solar heating technologies.

The “Holy Grail” of the solar business has been to make Air Conditioning and steam with the Sun. Now, for the first time, Artic Solar makes that possible with a system that provides enough heat to drive Absorption Chillers and Industrial Process Heat, efficiently. High Temperature Solar using XCPC Collectors provides enough heat, in a small enough footprint, to be truly practical for Commercial Buildings. But that’s not all! High Temperature Solar has many applications.