What Makes Us Different

Now It Is Possible To Create Steam With Solar Energy.

  • Greatest advancement in solar thermal industry in over 100 years.
  • Our XCPC uses patented Non-Imaging Optics that ensures all of the sunlight is captured and directed to the evacuated receiver tube.
  • Operates effectively in both Direct and Diffused (indirect) sunlight allowing for installations across the globe in any environment.
  • Efficiency of over 50% at 400° F
  • The XCPC is the only non-tracking concentrating high temperature solar thermal collector
  • Can be designed for any application between 100° F to 400° F
  • Competition does not currently exist. Artic Solar manufactures
  • The most cost effective solar solutions for medium to high temperatures

Take Control Of Your Energy Costs.

The goals of many commercial and industrial businesses today are to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Wouldn’t it be a great benefit to reduce operating expenses at the same time freeing up resources to fund other company projects.  Now you can.  Artic Solar systems can provide the heat necessary to run systems for:



Industrial drying


Double effect absorption chillers / Refrigeration


Boiler feed water



Efficiency In Design.

Existing solar technology is incapable of delivering cost effective high temperatures required for many commercial applications. The XCPC collector fills a huge gap in Commercial and Industrial applications.  Our advanced technology allows facilities to offset fossil fuel expenses and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Save money and create positive contributions to the environment with Artic Solar’s XCPC technology.

Food & Beverage

Switching to solar can be a game-changer for your business’s bottom line. Whether you are a Craft Brewery or a large food processing plant, start saving today with solar heating and cooling systems from Artic Solar.


Go green with American-made solar products from Artic Solar today. Set a positive example and show the citizens of your community the savings and benefits using Solar Thermal Heating and Cooling systems.  Read the SEIA Statistics.


Using solar energy to heat and cool schools in your district is a simple and brilliant way to increase savings and reducing operational budgets. The savings can be directed to funding programs benefiting students and teachers.


Using a renewable energy source on the farm is another way to give back to your land and put savings back into your pocket. High temperature hot water for dairy parlors, washing fruits and vegetables, heating barns and refrigeration. Aquaponics, hydroponics all need heat saving GHG and saving fossil fuels.

This Is Just The Beginning.


The high operating temperature of the XCPC collector allows it to be applied to many applications that were previously unattainable for the typical solar thermal technologies of Flat Plat and Evacuated Tube collectors.


Air Conditioning

Single or Double Effect Absorption Chillers

Industrial Process Heat

Manufacturing processes using hot water or steam up to +350oF


Preheat boilers for commercial buildings


Thermal desalination methods include vapor distillation

Electric Power Generation

Power generation using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) generators or other Heat Engine generators.


Hydrometallurgical processing

Oil and Gas Extraction

Heating injection fluids, Process water clean-up or evaporation

The Biggest Revolution In Solar Technology.


Never before have building integrated solar collectors been capable of steam generation. Therefore, industrial applications have not been economically viable to anyone except governments.


Artic Solar’s patented technology allows the next generation of solar collectors to be manufactured and easily installed to quickly create a positive return on investment.


The “Holy Grail” of the solar business has been to make Air Conditioning with the Sun. Now, for the first time, Artic Solar makes that possible with a system that provides enough heat to drive single and double effect absorption chillers, efficiently.

Learn more about Artic Solar in these videos:

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