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Solar Energy for a Changing World

Breweries and Distilleries

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    Solar thermal energy can be used for heating processes in all brewing and distillation processes, bottle washing machines, and pasteurizers or for cooling processes with absorption chillers.  These are heat dependent processes.

    The sun can be seen as the lowest cost of energy provider.  In past years, many brewers and distillers have put great effort into energy conservation by installing photovoltaic (PV) to generate electricity and solar thermal energy collectors for their processes.

    Lower Your Operating Costs

    Depending on your business’ unique energy goals, we can provide you with various system options that can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate your current electric bill. Instead of spending too much paying for electricity, you’ll be able to reallocate those funds for more important things.

    Enjoy a consistent clean power source with very little to no maintenance and an unbeatable warranty.

    Solar thermal hot water for breweries and distilleries

    Integrated Copper Coil

    Some manufacturers of Steam Boilers have an option to heat water. Typically a copper coil in the boiler submerged below the water line will make hot water for a facility. This is in addition to making steam for their process. Depending on the size of the copper coil, XCPC collectors can be installed to circulate hot water at 250° F to 300° F through the copper coil to heat the boiler to make steam. The gas or fuel burner will modulate to make sure the proper temperatures are maintained in the boiler to provide steam to the process.


    Lead Lag Boiler

    When a facility has multiple boilers the controls will cycle between them and activate more boilers as the steam demand increases. The XCPC will provide the heat necessary for a solar boiler in parallel to the existing boiler. The two boilers share the condensate return line and are filled by the common condensate pump. The boiler steam valves are piped to the common steam manifold to deliver steam on demand. The solar boiler would become the primary boiler so the existing boiler would become the secondary providing significant energy savings for the facility.


    solar therm

    Condensate Reheat

    Enlarging the condensate return tank to integrate the XCPC to reheat condensate from 160° F to 210° F. Maintaining the condensate in liquid, pumped back to boiler to make steam. Reduces energy costs and allows solar thermal to be integrated into a steam boiler.


    Solar thermal diagram for breweries

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