Process Heat – Hot Water – Steam

Solar Industrial Process Heat

Over 500,000 commercial buildings use natural gas, LPG or electric boilers for the generation of heat or service hot water.   Over half of those boilers are beyond the end of their useful lives.  


Artic Solar’s high temperature XCPC solar collectors that operate up to 400° F or 200° C will preheat any boiler and significantly reduce fuel consumption.  


In addition, it provides the lowest cost of solar energy available today, permanently removing the load from the electric grid, as well as, substantially reducing green house gas emissions.



  • Extends system life
  • Lowest levelized cost of energy of any solar energy technology
  • Utilizes renewable energy
  • 30% federal tax credit including all components materials and installation labor (USA)*
  • Grants & incentives available in some areas (USA only)
  • Non-tracking lowers O&M costs

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Artic Solar is creating STEAM using solar thermal energy!

The proprietary XCPC technology allows commercial business to reduce their fossil fuel costs by using solar thermal heat to provide steam for their systems. 


Whether your goal is to to increase fuel cost savings by using a renewable energy source or if you want to help your business go “green,” we are here to help you achieve these goals!

We Make Solar HOT

Unlike standard solar systems, the XCPC collects both direct and indirect sunlight, allowing for usage across the globe. No moving parts and a dust-repellent coating mean minimal O&M costs. Our low-profile ground or roof-mounted systems blend into any environment.


Using our patented technology, industries as diverse as manufacturing, food processing (e.g., meat, dairy, processed food and beverages), municipal waste water treatment and oil & gas extraction will be able to shift peak load off the grid and reduce fuel consumption up to 70%.

Savings & Green House Gas Reductions


Example: 100KW System (100 XCPC’s)


 Natural Gas = 14,800 therms saved /yr

      174,000 lbs. of CO2 and 220 lbs. Nox


 Electric = 300,000kWh saved per year

 410,000 of CO2 and 1,498 lbs. Nox