Artic Solar XCPC Solar Thermal Technology

Artic Solar XCPC Solar Thermal Technology

Artic Solar XCPC Solar Thermal Technology

The Future is Solar Thermal

Artic Solar, Inc. is a certified Veteran Owned Small Business capable of providing Solar Energy solutions to Commercial and Industrial customers with a full range of solar services including industrial process heat and high efficiency solar cooling, as well as on-site electrical generation. Artic Solar manufactures the game-changing XCPC high-temperature collector, the simplest and most cost-effective source for industrial-scale / commercial solar thermal energy.

The Artic Solar Heating & Cooling Team’s experience includes more than 250 systems operating throughout the United States and the world. Our service offerings include project development, design & engineering, customer proposals, project management, installation & commissioning. We are ready to provide the solar solutions and development partnerships anywhere in the country or globally.

Artic Solar maintains strategic partnerships with qualified companies to assist in the EPC and ongoing O&M contracts for speed of development and efficiency. XCPC: Patented & Solar Ratings & Certification Corporation (SRCC) Certified Advanced Solar Thermal Collector High Temperature—Non-tracking XCPC Concentrating Parabolic Collectors for up to 400o F Works Efficiently in Both Direct and Indirect Sunlight Allowing for Installations Worldwide Displaces Natural Gas and Electricity Reduces Emissions and Demand Charges 5191 Shawland Road, Jacksonville, FL, USA 32254 904-513-4638 High Temperature XCPC Solar Thermal Collector The XCPC is a Non-Imaging Concentrating Collector (NICC) that pairs a custom evacuated tube solar collector with an external non-imaging reflector in a non-tracking, roof or ground mountable system.

Artic Solar XCPC Solar Thermal Systems

This combination enables the XCPC East/West design to cost effectively achieve temperatures in excess of 200oC (392°F) at more than 50% efficiency – which current market incumbents cannot attain without costly tracking. The concentration ratio is 1.4 meaning the absorber receives an additional 40% of the suns energy allowing the collector to achieve high temperatures. The XCPC collector power rating is 1.235 KW. Perhaps the greatest advantage of the patented NICC over competing high temperature solar thermal technologies (trough and linear Fresnel) that can achieve 1200 Celsius and higher temperatures is the simple to deploy collector design. Other technologies are high profile (up to 50ft), needing large land areas to be effective and have tracking mechanisms requiring costly maintenance. Aesthetics are also a concern – the NICC is the only high temperature collector to be configured in an extremely low profile

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