Heating water to create steam with solar power

Heating water to create steam with solar power

Heating water to create steam with solar power

The XCPC Solar Thermal Solution

Achieves temperatures in excess of 200 Degrees C at more than 50% efficiency (the percentage of incident solar radiation converted to useful heat energy) which current market incumbents cannot approach without tracking.

Maintains efficiency even at high operating temperatures. Flat plate and other evacuated tube collectors exhibit good efficiency at lower temperatures but heat losses mean that their effectiveness falls off rapidly beginning at 80-100 Degrees C/176-212 Degrees F.

Is a low-profile, roof or ground mountable system, combining aesthetics and practicability. The other technologies are high profile (up to 20ft) and thus require large land areas to be effective.

Is non-tracking, i.e., has no moving parts. All other roof-top systems that can achieve these temperatures use tracking mechanisms that require expensive and ongoing maintenance. The XCPC is ready for the commercial market and is made with pride in Jacksonville, FL, USA by a Veteran Owned Small Business.

The XCPC is a patented Non-Imaging Concentrating Collector (NICC) Artic Solar’s unique non-imaging optics of the east/west reflector is tuned to the collector to ensure maximum absorption of solar energy, maintaining peak energy generation even at an exceedingly wide angle of acceptance. This results in a concentration ratio of 1.4, meaning the absorber collects 40% more radiation without costly tracking systems. The XCPC’s simple and smart design, including such features as integrated fluid channels and an integrated mounting system, reduces component materials and costs. Altogether, our system provides the lowest levelized cost of energy (LCOE) in the solar energy industry today.

Uses for this technology

Absorption chilling

Metals preheating

Food processing


Pasteurization, and sterilization


Thermo-chemical treatment

Glass melting

Waste treatment

Mining Incineration

Extraction processes for the oil and gas industry



Gross Area: 2.7 m2 – 29.05 ft 2 Aperture Area: 2.41 m2 – 25.92 ft 2 Length: 2208 mm – 86.91 Inches Width: 1220.63 mm – 48 1/16th Inches Height: 295 mm – 11.6 inches Weight: Dry 37.29kg – 82.2 lbs. Wet 39.29kg – 86.61lbs. Fluid volume 2 liters – 0.53 gallons Reflector Geometric Concentration Ratio: 1.49X Outside Diameter of Absorber Riser Tube: 8mm outer diameter, Thickness of Absorber Riser Tube: 0.75mm Absorber Fin Thickness: 0.12mm thick copper fin Absorber area: (272mm X 1850mm)/1,000,000, 0.503m2 absorber area per tube, X 3 = 1.51 m2 /collector Flow Pattern: Single U-bend flow tube per Absorber tube assembly Number of Absorber Tube runs: 3 for each collector Center to Center of riser tube runs: 406.4 mm – 16.0 inches Number of risers: 3 per collector Outside Diameter of absorber riser: 8mm Thickness of absorber riser tube: .75mm Absorber to fin connection: Continuous ultrasonic welding Absorber fin thickness: .12mm Solar absorption, αsol: 0.95 ± 0.02 Thermal emission, ε100 °C: 0.05 ± 0.02 Recommended Flow Rate 0.87 gpm – 3.29liter/minute (1.0 gpm maximum)

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